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Where Contractors and Budgets Part Ways

It’s estimated that 70% of construction projects come in late and over budget which can be frustrating for investors. Construction managers can look to these four areas as the mostly likely to cause budget issues. Weather Inclement weather can have a big impact on building schedules, causing delays for both contractors and trades. Rain, snow …

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Furnace Maintenance Tips

As the seasons change, it’s time to give your heating system a once-over to avoid any mid-winter freezes from dysfunctional furnaces. Regular maintenance of your ducting and furnace can reduce energy costs, and improve the efficiency and longevity of your furnace.

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Saw Safety Refresh

Saws are one of the most common causes of injuries on construction sites. The National Institute of Heath reported over 30,000 table saw injuries last year. The medical costs resulting from these injuries were estimated to cost over $2 billion. Worse still is that many of the injuries to fingers and hands meant construction workers …

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