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Whit Davis Plus Celebrates Their 60th Anniversary

“Whit Davis Lumber Plus…Where the Plus is Service” reads the slogan and it’s certainly service that this plucky lumber company is focused on. Whit Davis partners with thousands of contractors to supply building materials and services. One of its greatest assets is its employees who collectively bring hundreds of years of experience to the table. This month, Whit Davis celebrated its 60th year in the building supply trade.

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England Consultants and Training Helps to Create Safer Communities

Building inspectors play a vital role in safety and enforcing the law and helping to keep residents safe.

England Training Division was first established in 1992. Created by John England, the company is the only one of its kind in the southeast to assist federal, state and local jurisdictions with training of professionals in International Building Codes.

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IECC 2009 Code prohibits Open Wood-Burning Fireplaces

The 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) has had widespread adoption by over 30 states across the country and aims to increase building energy efficiency through more stringent building codes. One of the provisions in the code is to prohibit the installation of open fireplaces in family homes and commercial buildings. We take a look at some implications this may have on the building industry.

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Woodson Lumber Celebrates 100 Years in the Business

Founded in 1913 by brothers Jim and Harrie Woodson, Woodson Lumber Company has weathered two world wars, the Great Depression and several economic crises to be stronger than ever in this, its centennial year. From its single store in Caldwell, Texas, Woodson Lumber has grown to seven locations across the state. Woodson is now led by third and fourth generation family members and, along with their dedicated staff, have 800 years of combined experience.

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Severe Weather leads to Construction Code Changes

Climate change poses extraordinary challenges for the construction industry. An increase in severe storms and rising sea levels present a barrage of problems that can, in part, be addressed through more stringent building codes and design. As building products and techniques improve and are able to provide increased protection from the elements, so too must building codes evolve to incorporate those improvements that encourage building to a higher standard.

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How to Cut Construction Costs and Increase Profits Part 1

Times have been tough and the construction sector has had to be leaner and meaner when it comes to building to budget. There are a number of ways for you to reduce costs on-site without reducing the quality of your building or the efficiency with which you operate. Putting a little more time and effort into planning and marketing can go a long way to cutting your costs.

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