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Should You Buy Equipment or Lease It?

Investment in equipment is essential for the successful construction company, but knowing when to buy, rent, lease or borrow can really help to maximize your profits. When weighing the odds on these options, you’re really calculating risk. Buying equipment results in higher profit margins, but overinvesting can mean you actually lose money. When you are …

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Essential Fall Roof Maintenance

Giving your roof a once-over in the fall is a great way to ensure you make it through the winter without damage or the need for repairs. One of the biggest winter risks is a leaky roof. These are most often caused by ice dams which occur when snow on the roof melts during the …

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Identifying Bottlenecks in your Onsite Workflow

Competition means that every construction company and trade needs to run as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to deliver on time and under budget. When your builds take too long, you eat into your profit margins. In order to ensure that your jobsite is working efficiently, you should have in place systems and processes that save you time and money and that ensure that work flows smoothly.

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