Norbord is proud to be the manufacturer of innovative, affordable and environmentally sustainable wood-based panels. At its core, wood is a renewable resource and the Company has a long history of commitment to sustainable forest management.

For Norbord, sustainability is all about creating economic growth while caring for society and the natural world. It is part of the Company’s DNA and core to its business, going hand in hand with Norbord’s commitment to operational excellence in manufacturing, with focus on personal and process safety, continuous improvement, and building and maintaining world-class facilities.

Norbord’s sustainability approach is centered around three strategic orientations:

·  Building world-class facilities: leading in safety, efficiency and high-quality, innovative and sustainable wood panel products.

·  Empowering people and culture: cultivating an enriching and diverse work environment where people feel valued and supported to be successful both personally and professionally.

·  Being resource efficient and carbon net zero: creating more value from fewer resources, minimizing carbon emissions and being part of the climate solution.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) REPORTS

2020 ESG Report (PDF)