Reasons to Work at Norbord


1. Safety

Our priority is to have a world-class safety culture throughout our organization. We provide leadership training, on-the-job training and dedicate significant resources to improving the safety of our operations by reducing risk and ensuring our culture supports safely producing OSB. It is unacceptable for people to be injured while working for us and we believe that zero incidents is achievable. We also believe that robust and well run safety systems go hand-in-hand with a strong operating environment.

2. Success through People

We are the world’s largest OSB manufacturer with operations throughout North America and Europe. Being the biggest doesn’t necessarily mean being the best, so our focus is on being the best at what we do. Our success is directly derived from our people – we hire top candidates, develop and promote them to build our business and encourage them to rise to new opportunities and challenges. As a result, many talented people spend their entire career with us. Most of our senior leaders, including our executive team, have been with Norbord for more than 10 years and in many cases, more than 30 years.

3. Technology

Our operations are highly technical and we employ skilled workers such as engineers, tradespeople, and other mechanically inclined individuals who receive on-the-job training to run our operations. We invest significant resources in automation and technology to streamline our processes and reduce waste. Our people are vital to ensuring this advanced technology works properly and consistently.

4. Compensation and Benefits

We offer regionally competitive wages and benefits at all our operations. Our philosophy is to focus on intrinsic motivators and not just compensation. We provide value-added work, opportunities for professional growth and development and offer a meaningful purpose behind the work we do. Our incentive program is designed to share our success with all employees who contribute to it and also aligns our employees’ interests with those of our shareholders.

5. Culture

Our company is sustained by focusing on continuous improvement. We set stretch goals to maximize productivity while managing costs and monitor progress using our Margin Improvement Program. We also believe in being honest and transparent in all our interactions with our employees, shareholders, partners and the public. We believe in respectful relationships, candid dealings with one another and creating an environment where everyone feels free to give their best advice. Every employee adds value to our business. Our values are the foundation of every interaction we have with one another and how we operate on a daily basis. We value our employees, their safety, collaborative teamwork, cost-focused business operations, margin improvement, a flat corporate structure that supports the operations and our people’s success. The success of our employees is our success.