California Supply Chains Act

Norbord is committed to complying with the California Supply Chains Act.


The plants where we manufacture North American products are all located in Canada and the USA and all raw material inputs to our manufacturing process are procured in Canada and the USA. Norbord expects all suppliers to abide by the laws governing anti-slavery and human trafficking, but does not conduct third party audits.


While Norbord has no formal auditing process, Norbord monitors suppliers for any indications or activity regarding anti-slavery and human trafficking.


Currently, Norbord does not require its direct suppliers to certify that they comply with anti-slavery and human trafficking laws in the country or countries in which they do business.

Internal Accountability:

Through Norbord’s Code of Business Conduct, employees are required to abide by the laws of Canada and the USA and any violations are subject to dismissal.

Norbord Code of Business Conduct

Norbord has a Whistleblower policy and program for employees and other interested parties to report concerns through a confidential and anonymous whistleblower process. The types of complaints or allegations that can be made are violations of any of the Company’s policies, including breaches of the Code of Business Conduct or concerns about the Company’s accounting, internal controls and auditing matters.

Norbord Whistleblower Policy


Norbord does not currently provide employees or contractors with training on complying with human trafficking and anti-slavery laws.