Our Values

Norbord’s success comes from the pursuit of excellence in all areas of our business. Excellence can be achieved only with a strategic focus on our human resources, and a commitment to work together to achieve commonly held goals.

We believe:

  • Health and safety is our top priority
  • Everyone must be treated with fairness and respect.
  • All employees contribute to our business.
  • Personal development is a shared responsibility, leading to career fulfillment and superior results.
  • Talented and dedicated people are essential to our growth and success.
  • Recruitment and advancement are based on ability and personal performance.
  • Continuous learning and performance improvement create a rewarding and challenging work environment.
  • Communications must be continual, consistent and open.
  • Teamwork, innovation and creativity are critical to our success.
  • Every employee has a ‘customer’ that deserves excellent service.