Norbord is committed to the sustainable management of forest resources.

Norbord believes that the third party certification of wood procurement and forest management practices is integral to maintaining and improving forest ecosystems. Our long-term success is based on the vitality and productivity of the forest and we have put in place policies to ensure that sustainable forest management principles are entrenched in our culture.

Norbord has adopted a forest certification strategy that does not endorse one single certification system. Each Norbord operation employs the certification system best suited to the expectations of our wood suppliers, customers and local stakeholders.

Norbord’s staff of wood procurement professionals works closely with our wood supply partners to improve the integrity of the harvesting process.


The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program is a comprehensive system of principles, objectives and performance measures developed by foresters, conservationists and scientists, that combines the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water quality.


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international non-profit organization that supports environmentally appropriate management of the world’s forests. It promotes an international labeling scheme for forest products, which provides a guarantee that the product comes from a well-managed forest, and meets internationally recognized criteria of forest stewardship.

Wood Procurement Policy

Norbord and its employees are committed to the practice of sustainable forestry through constructive interaction with forest landowners, wood producers, forestry professionals and our customers


Norbord believes:

  • The procurement of forest resources should be managed to optimize the yield of wood fiber while protecting forest health and respecting the needs of other forest users.
  • Adherence to applicable forest management regulations, environmental laws and other standards to which we subscribe is the shared responsibility of every Norbord employee involved in wood procurement.
  • The health and safety of forest workers must be protected at all times.



  • Ensures that involved employees understand their roles with respect to managing fiber procurement, including the maintenance of Norbord’s procurement standards and ethical business practices.
  • Uses legally procured and harvested wood.
  • Periodically assesses forest management practices on forest lands that supply wood to our facilities in order to foster continual improvement.
  • Supports relevant research that advances the practice of sustainable forestry.
  • Supports the training of wood producers and promotes the use of forestry professionals for their expertise in the planning and implementation of forest operations.
  • Maintains third party chain-of-custody certification in all wod procurement operations.
  • Facilitates the sharing of information on sustainable forestry practices with our wood producers or their agents to foster a better understanding of the long-term impacts on regional wood supply and forest health.
  • Measures our performance and reports the results to our senior management and the certification bodies to which we subscribe.

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