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It is always a good idea to include information on this product in the material provided to appraisers. It shows that you have built added value into the project. This may help the appraiser understand and see the real value in the home and it will differentiate you from the competition. Download literature and other relative information found in the resources section.

  • TallWall 4×9* and 4×10* are the right sizes for today’s homes.
  • TallWall reduces wall air leakage up to 60% compared to using 4x8s. Tested at the Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly the NAHB Research Center)
  • Eliminates the horizontal gaps that 4x8s create. Gaps when 4x8s are used can add up to a hole about 4 sq ft in a typical house and house wraps won’t stop cold/hot air moving in or out.
  • Vertically installed TallWall speeds up installation with less cutting and less handling.
  • TallWall generates less waste and fewer mistakes.
  • TallWall 4×9 and 4×10 allows you to cut out the window and door openings instead of cutting pieces and leaving gaps. This method creates stronger walls and less air leakage.
  • Installed vertical TallWall can provide a continuous load path and eliminate blocking.
  • Eliminate gable end hinge points because TallWall can extend beyond the top plates into the truss members
  • TallWall provides a stronger, stiffer and flatter wall.
  • TallWall structural sheathing means no horizontal blocking and fully open wall cavities for easier and full insulation.
  • Reduce or eliminate nail pops and cracking caused by racking because TallWall sheathing makes the wall stronger and stiffer than using 4x8s.
  • No special tools or installation requirements are needed and it’s approved in all North American building codes.
  • TallWall is SFI® Chain of Custody certified. FSC® TallWall may also be available upon request.
  • TallWall is CARB exempt.

*sized for spacing

Using or Want to Use Energy/Raised Heel Trusses?

TallWall is the perfect partner. TallWall lengths let you sheath with one continuous sheet all the way to the underside of the top chord. You connect the roof and walls with a continuous load path, eliminate hurricane clips in all but a few areas of the US, and eliminate the blocking between the trusses. TallWall provides the backing for full depth insulation to the outside edge of the top plate. Newer energy codes allow reduced attic R-values in some climate zones with full depth insulation to the outside edge to the top plate. See the “Solution Builder” on the main landing page for state and energy code information. For more information, read APA’s Construction Guide on Raised-Heel Trusses For Efficient, Cost-Effective, Comfortable Homes.

How TallWall reduces air leakage

TallWall offers an easy, efficient way to eliminate unnecessary horizontal joints altogether, thus significantly reducing wall air leakage. Available in 9′ and 10′ lengths, vertical seams are located directly over studs. Problem solved. Best of all, TallWall presents no unusual installation issues and requires no special training of trades.

But don’t take our word for it.

Take the NAHB Research Center’s word

The Home Innovation Research center (formerly called the NAHB Research Center) conducted air leakage tests that compared TallWall wall sheathing to standard 4×8 panels. The tests were conducted in the Center’s E283/E331 chamber, according to ASTM E283 test methods.

Pressure testing for air leakage

Two test walls over 8′ tall were built using drywall, tape, joint compound, insulation, with one electrical outlet (on the inside) and an electrical wire running through the studs. One wall was built with horizontally installed 4×8 panels, the other with vertically installed TallWall panels.

Each wall was then tested using three different pressure differentials (.01, .02, and .03 H2O SCFM). House wrap was then installed (according to manufacturer’s specifications) with one vertical joint, and the same three pressure tests were conducted. A final three pressure tests were completed after installing seam tape (according to manufacturer’s specifications) over the joint in the house wrap.

The following discoveries were made:

% Decrease compared to a 4×8 Wall at .1′ H20
Base Wall* -38%
With House Wrap** -29%
With House Wrap and Taped*** -56%
% Decrease compared to a 4×8 Wall at .2′ H20
Base Wall* -47%
With House Wrap** -15%
With House Wrap and Taped*** -64%
% Decrease compared to a 4×8 Wall at .3′ H20
Base Wall* -43%
With House Wrap** -22%
With House Wrap and Taped** -63%

*Base Wall 4×8, horizontal installation, all joints spaced 1/8′, vertical joints on studs, 2×4 studs, fiberglass insulation, drywall taped and mud.

**House Wrap was installed over the OSB with one vertical joint installed per manufacturer’s specs and overlapped but not taped.

***House Wrap was then taped and the test repeated.

Tested by the NAHB Research Center.

All the same tests were repeated with TallWall panels installed vertically with vertical joints over studs and spaced 1/8? apart.

Conclusion: TallWall reduced air leakage by up to 60%

Whether the test wall had no house wrap, house wrap or house wrap with taped seams, the tests revealed a sharp reduction in air leakage – up to 60% compared to 4×8 panels installed horizontally under the same conditions.

Our strength in numbers

  • Testing conducted for Norbord at Virginia Tech showed TallWall’s structural qualities. The testing clearly showed that TallWall installed vertically to overlap joist areas increased wall strength by up to 38%.
  • That means a stronger structure (a better box), fewer callbacks for nail pops and drywall cracks and a stiffer flatter wall for the finished siding.

Overlap the joist area for stronger structure. TallWall connects the walls and floors together.

Capacity (compared to 4×8 panels)
4 x 10 TallWall on a 9′ wall >+35%
4 x 9 TallWall on a 8′ wall >+22%
Stiffness(compared to 4×8 panels)
4 x 10 TallWall on a 9′ wall >+24%
4 x 9 TallWall on a 8′ wall >+31%
Displacement (compared to 4×8 panels)
4 x 10 TallWall on a 9′ wall >+38%
4 x 9 TallWall on a 8′ wall >+22%

Sheath around openings for added strength, less waste and less air leakage



Cutting TallWall around window and door openings instead of cutting and piecing parts together adds strength to the wall. This method also reduces the number of joints that allow air leakage. The walls are completed faster with less waste and less labor. See or download the APA “Full-Scale House Test Project report Form No 3D007” in the Resources section under APA Documents for details.

A simple switch

  • Make the building tighter and stronger simply by switching to TallWall OSB structural sheathing.
  • TallWall can actually reduce your labor and material costs with less waste.
  • It takes 100pcs of 4×8 to cover the same area as 80pcs 4x10s. Think of the handling and time savings of that alone.


The APA Technical Topics TT-111A, “Wood Moisture Content and The Importance of Drying in Wood Building Systems”, is a great read for builders, designers, engineers, and other end users. It has a lot of information that will help design and build better structures. Visit the Resources section for more information on product documents, installation videos, forest certification, APA publications and more.

Building Sustainably

Today’s homebuyers look to purchase or build homes that utilize products that can reduce their energy costs, improve indoor air quality and are environmentally responsible. TallWall structural wall sheathing can help. Norbord recently completed testing at the NAHB Research Center that clearly showed TallWall can reduce wall air leakage by up to 60%. Using TallWall sheathing means less waste, less material, and lower labor costs. All TallWall panels are SFI® Chain of Custody certified. FSC® may also be available on request.

TallWall can help your project qualify under rating systems such as LEED®.

Homeowner Benefits

TallWall delivers a higher quality build, reduced utility costs, improved comfort, better indoor air quality and higher resale value.

Builder Benefits

Your trades are already comfortable with OSB so the switch to TallWall can speed up construction right away. It’s easy to install, is available in 9’ and 10’ lengths, meets building codes and can help your project qualify for green rating system points. TallWall can even reduce your material handling, cutting and waste.

Make cost effectiveness your key to going green

TallWall is available as SFI® Chain of Custody certified. FSC® may be available upon request.


Visit the resources page for more information on product documents, forest certification, APA publications, seminars & trade shows.

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