Build Energy Efficiency Into Every House

Claude St. Hilaire of Home Energy Group in South Carolina says:

“Builders using the TallWall OSB wall sheathing will see a significant reduction in air leakage into the home. By minimizing the sheathing joints, we have seen blower door testing on homes using the TallWall system with fiberglass batt insulation approach the air leakage rates on homes using spray foam insulation.”

Energy savings are on everyone’s mind today and homebuyers want lower utility bills.  TallWall can reduce wall air leakage up to 60%.  Using TallWall eliminates the need for blocking at horizontal joint and that means the wall cavity can be filled completely with insulation.

TallWall – The Perfect Wall Sheathing Partner for Raised Heel Trusses

Raised heel trusses, sometimes called Energy Trusses, are a great way to take advantage of the energy codes that allow lower attic insulation R-values when full-depth insulation extends to the outside edge of the top plate without compression. Why do codes allow less R-values to be used? Because insulation is far more effective when it is full depth at the outside edge of the wall (climate zone 3 requires R38 with typical roof construction but R30 when full depth insulation extends to the outside edge of the top plates). The perfect partnership combines TallWall sheathing with raised heel trusses and eliminates blocking material and TallWall acts as the stop for the insulation. With a design professional’s nailing schedule, you can eliminate the hurricane clips in most parts of the country for even more savings. Reduce energy, labor, and material costs.

Testing was completed at the Innovation Research Lab (formerly the NAHB Research Center) and you can find the APA product report PR-N133  in the product documents section for detailed information.  If 9′ or 10′ lengths are not compatible with your plans, we have other lengths available in our Windstorm brand that will accomplish the same results.

Air Leakage and Air Quality

Home buyers today are much more aware of air quality and moisture-related issues that can develop in a house. They want better indoor air quality and improved resale value. Air infiltration can reduce indoor air quality by permitting dust, moisture and airborne pollutants into the home. Air leakage also decreases the comfort in the home and increases ownership costs by allowing cold and/or hot drafts, unwanted moisture and noise to enter. Testing has shown that TallWall can reduce wall air infiltration up to 60%.

Proud Green Home White Paper

The Florida Green Building Certification (FGBC) program has accepted TallWall’s reduction in air leakage for additional points under the “Innovative Ideas” section.  Be sure to use TallWall or our Windstorm products and include that in your forms.

If the current housing economy has exposed anything, it is that home builders need creative and cost-effective solutions to survive and succeed. Continue reading by clicking the button below.