TruFlor PointSIX



truflorp6-docTruFlor pointSIX. Norbord’s TruFlor continuous improvement and quality programs are now combined with the patented tapered edge technology – pointSIX. The result is a commodity sub-floor with consistent high quality and performance plus edge swell technology. Each panel carries the APA grade stamp so you know quality is built into every panel. On the face of every panel is the TruFlor pointSIX face stamp for easy identification and the assurance that you have real value with strength and durability

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How does the pointSIX taper work?

The TruFlor pointSIX engineered tapered-edge addresses the issue of edge swell by incorporating a .6mm taper depth to all 4 edges of the panel. Should the panel is exposed to bad weather the tapered edges can, if necessary, expand be flush with the surface of the board. The pointSIX tapered edges have been used by builders for over 5 years and have proven to be great benefit to those who buy commodity sub-flooring.