TruFlor Sub-Flooring: The Start of a Great Build

TruFlor T&G Sub-Flooring was introduced a few years ago as a sub-floor companion to our Trubord structural sheathing.  Builders in all our markets welcomed, accepted and continue to use Truflor because it met or exceeded their requirements.  TruFlor is a commodity (pro-grade) T&G sub-floor product that offers great value for today’s smart builders and end users.  Engineered and designed to target the market that wants a sub-floor that offers value, strength and durability at a competitive price point.  TruFlor T&G sub-flooring comes from Norbord, the people who were first to market with great cost reducing and energy saving products like Windstorm, TallWall, and Solarbord.  Truflor is available through leading building supply yards.  We proudly put the TruFlor name on each unit cover and each panel.  Look for TruFlor and specify TruFlor by name.

TruFlor repeatedly demonstrates the consistent high quality and performance properties that builders look for in a sub-flooring product.