Gives firm footing.

Builders and manufacturers are choosing Norbord® SteadiTred® stair tread panels to construct high-quality stair systems for residential and commercial buildings. With a greater spanning capability than competitively-priced composite materials and more dimensional stability than solid-sawn lumber, SteadiTred is a desirable, cost-effective choice. Panel after panel, with Norbord SteadiTred, you can rely on consistent flatness and straightness, making your job easier and faster.

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Simply a better stair tread

  • Sturdy and moisture tolerant, no need for temporary stairs
  • Eliminate warping, cupping, and sagging
  • Pre-sized in popular lengths and widths, for faster construction
  • Available with bullnose or square edge
  • APA Quality Assured

Norbord SteadiTred panels are made from long strands of wood produced primarily from Aspen; a fast-growing renewable resource. Blended with durable resins, the strands are formed in a layered construction, running along the panel length on both faces and crosswise at the core. Heat and pressure are then applied to bond the material uniformly and securely to achieve consistent density, strength and stiffness. Formaldehyde emissions are insignificant.

teal-steaditredSteadiTred panels are custom-manufactured from oriented strand board (OSB) meeting the APA — The Engineered Wood Association’s Sturd-I-Floor® grade and the APA’s additional requirements set out in APA Series Guidelines for Stair Treads. SteadiTred also meets or exceeds product standards and building code requirements, including Product Standard PS 2-10, Performance Standard for Wood-based Structural-use Panels, published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly National Bureau of Standards). SteadiTred meets the 300-pound concentrated static load and 100-pound-per-square-foot uniform load requirements specified in model building codes. The treads are suitable
for spans of up to 45 inches in closed-riser stair-system assemblies. Norbord OSB bj/dc-inch or thicker is recommended for use as risers.

Whether you site build and cut your own treads or you order systems pre-assembled, make sure you specify SteadiTred at the time of purchase. Panels are available bull-nosed and also square-edged on request. To prevent excessive wear, bull-nosed treads should be covered by a finish flooring material, such as carpet and pad. Additional application guidelines may be appropriate for special installation finishes, including resilient flooring and ceramic tiles. Follow manufacturer recommendations.

Working with SteadiTred

Glue is recommended to improve stiffness of connections and to eliminate squeaks. Apply a construction adhesive meeting APA Performance Specifications AFG-01 or ASTM D3498 to all joints, with particular attention to the connection at the back riser. Regardless of where glue is used, nail all edges of treads (as indicated in diagram). Detail A is the simplest system, but Detail B is preferred since it eliminates end-grain nailing at the back riser.

Drawing and copy from the JLC February 2016 Magazine issue.
Always follow the local building code or designer’s specification for installation requirements.

Dimensions and Packaging

  • Standard dimensions are available 10 1/4 – 12 inches wide, 1-inch-thick and 12 feet long.
  • Alternative widths and lengths available – conditions apply.
  • Packages contain 60 pieces per unit.
  • Panels are available bull-nosed or square-edged.

Care and Handling

Norbord SteadiTred stair tread panels are carefully packaged to stay free from moisture and contaminants during storage and shipping in order to arrive in the same optimal condition as they left the plant. Once the panels arrive at their destination, the following procedures are recommended:

  • Keep panels in units until installation.
  • Store indoors or under cover whenever possible.
  • If stored outdoors, set bundles on a flat base above ground and cover with plastic wrap or tarp, ensuring adequate air circulation.
  • Avoid extended exposure to moisture.
  • Acclimatize panels for a period of 24 hours. (Time may vary with climatic conditions at the job site.)
  • Cut banding during storage to avoid edge damage. Avoid dropping panels on edges or corners.
  • Protect bundles from forklift damage.


Multipurpose OSB for solid stair risers
Norbord 19/32″ OSB sheathing for stair risers and general use are an essential component of an engineered stair system. For efficient materials use with less waste, build stairs onsite or manufacture pre-assembled stair units for sale.