pointSIXIntroducing pointSIX® from Norbord, a whole new approach to the age-old problem of edge swell. This engineered sub-floor solution is designed to accommodate whatever wet stuff the weather serves up thanks to a patented tapered-edge technology that offsets the effects of moisture. The result: floors that go down flat and stay that way.

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Why call it pointSIX?

PointSIX is a patented tapered-edge technology that has demonstrated in lab tests and more importantly in actual use to reduce edge swell to 0.01 inches (about the thickness of a sheet of paper).  It takes its name from research indicating a .6mm taper depth on all 4 edges to be most effective in reducing edge swell.  A small taper that makes a huge difference and offsets the effects of moisture.

PointSIX has been extensively researched and tested in Norbord facilities including a rigorous test that involved flooding pointSIX floor panels with water for 14 days. The result:  after two weeks of flooding, pointSIX sub-flooring dried out firm and flat, successfully containing edge swell to just 0.01 inches. Wet weather happens. Wood swells.

The pointSIX tapered-edge technology addresses the challenge by milling off a thin layer of surface wood along all four panel edges. With moisture, the wood fibers expand to essentially “fill up to flush” the micro-taper milled into the panel.

PointSIX has a new look: Turquoise

Look for standard pointSIX sub-flooring (with the new turquoise edge) to deliver solid performance when costs count.