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Home Appraisels:  It is always a good idea to include information on this product with the material provided to appraisers.  It shows that you have build added value into the project.  This may help the appraiser understand and see the real value in the home and it will differentiate you from the competition.  Download literature and other relative information found in the Resources Section.

When Hardwood Flooring is being installed, be sure your installer follows the NWFA instructions regarding Jobsite Conditions.

  • Engineered for strength, durability and reliability, Pinnacle provides consistency from one panel to the next.
  • Pinnacle is backed by a 50-year limited warranty and a 100-day No Sand guarantee.
  • Panels will not delaminate and there are no core voids or knots.
  • There is a face stamp on every panel to show that Pinnacle, a premium sub-floor panel, has been used.
  • The 4×8* x 23/32 T&G panels are engineered to be used in sub-floor applications (1 1/8″ Pinnacle is available in some markets).
  • There is no added urea-formaldehyde resin.
  • The APA grade stamp on every panel assures built-in performance.
  • Pinnacle is SFI® Chain of Custody certified.
  • Pinnacle can help you qualify under green rating systems.
  • The T&G profile provides added strength and a stronger floor.

* sized for spacing


Pinnacle is the premium T&G sub-flooring panel with the right price. Pinnacle has been engineered to suit today’s construction environment and home-buyers’ interest in green building. Pinnacle is the panel of choice for residential construction. As builders endeavor to become more competitive and use the right product, we’re backing them with a premium sub-flooring panel that can help control costs, shorten build times, and reduce hassles.


Pinnacle is engineered with strength, durability and reliability that is consistent from one panel to the next. This is a sub floor panel you can use with total confidence and no hassles. Pinnacle carries the APA (The Engineered Wood Assoc.) stamp and exceeds the PS 2-10 standards accepted by building codes and is backed by a 50-Year Warranty and a 100-day No Sand Guarantee.


Energy efficiency, indoor air quality and environmental impact are important in today’s market. Pinnacle premium sub-flooring is produced with SFI® Chain of Custody wood that is harvested from responsibly-managed forests. With no added urea-formaldehyde resins and FSC® certified wood available, Pinnacle is a great choice when looking to meet green rating systems such as LEED® .


Visit the Resources page for installation videos, product documents, APA publications, seminars & trade shows.

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