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  • pinnacle


    Engineered for today’s builder wanting a Premium T&G sub-flooring product, a 100 Day No Sand Guarantee, a 50 year Limited Warranty AND the right cost.

  • truflor-main


    With the new resin formulations and improved quality control, TruFlor is engineered to meet or exceed what builders told us they were looking for in a commodity sub-floor. TruFlor gets the job done and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

  • truflor-point6-featured

    TruFlor PointSIX

    This engineered subfloor solution is designed to accommodate whatever wet stuff the weather serves up thanks to a patented tapered-edge technology that offsets the effects of moisture. The result: floors that go down flat and stay that way.

  • durastrand-logo-block


    Durastrand is a premium T&G Sub-Floor panel that was engineered to meet what builders told us they needed in their market. The right product and the right price that meets the entire list of needs builders wanted.

  • stabledge


    Wasted enough time and money sanding the edges of your sub-floors after it rains? Use Stabledge! It never swells when exposed to moisture and comes with a 50-year limited warranty that includes never sanding edge joints for edge swell.

  • rimbord-logo

    Rim board

    Rimboard is a precision engineered wood product, and is a specifically designed component for today’s engineered floor systems.

  • steaditred


    More and more builders and manufacturers are choosing Norbord® SteadiTred® stair tread panels to construct high-quality stair systems for residential and commercial buildings.