Claude St. Hilaire of Home Energy Group in South Carolina says:

“Here in the Carolina’s we have seen on average a 1/2 ton HVAC sizing reduction on homes using the Solarbord Radiant Barrier OSB roof sheathing. Builders are able to save money on the HVAC equipment, roughly $500 to $600 per house and the homeowner gets the energy savings for the life of the home.”

Dave Erickson of Grayhawk Homes praises Solarbord.

Dave Erickson from Grayhawk Homes talks about Energy Star Certification, and how Solarbord helped him get there.

“We are proud to have Norbord as a partner in our efforts to build energy efficient homes. Energy efficiency takes a number of professionals from various industries working together on a common goal and we are happy to be working with Norbord as one of our partners to create energy efficient homes that are high quality and cost effective.” says Dave

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Architect Elizabeth Kaufman from Grapevine, Texas said this about Solarbord.

“I have long been skeptical of radiant barrier products. I was completely surprised when I found that the shell building I inspected yesterday was 80-90 degrees inside. It was 106 outside!!! The only possible explanation was the Norbord Solarbord decking. The building had no ceilings, no wall insulation, no gypsum board. The windows and doors were not caulked. The windows were low quality, dual pane, not Low-E and faced south and west. I really expected it to be beyond sweltering when I arrived at 1:30 p.m. I had to insist that the door be kept closed to keep the ‘cool’ air inside. I plan to specify this product on future projects.”

It’s a lot cooler.

A house protected by Solarbord® Radiant Barrier Sheathing has a head start on comfort. Up to 97% of radiant heat from the sun is reflected by Solarbord, so the attic will be as much as 30° cooler. This means the rest of the house will certainly be cooler too. Cooler attic. Cooler house.

Lower energy costs.

A house kept comfortable by Solarbord is easy on energy bills. And today a house that conserves energy is a whole lot more attractive to home buyers, so the small additional cost of Solarbord for roofs and walls is a really good investment.

HERS ratings:  Some HERS raters have told us that when Solarbord roof sheathing is used in their markets that they can calculate reduced AC requirements by 1/2 ton.  That’s hundreds of dollars in savings by using Norbord Solarbord structural sheathing.

A cool 25-year warranty.

Solarbord, SFI® Chain of Custody certified, installs like any roof sheathing and gives builders an extra edge in these energy-conscious times. And because it’s made in the USA and backed by a 25-year warranty, you’ll have total confidence in its quality and durability. Make it the crowning achievement of every build. Learn more.