Best of the blog

  • Construction Marketing and Business Tips

    281kb PDF, 21 pages

    Featuring many valuable tips to help grow your business, including: Ways to get people to remember your company, dealing with negative reviews, identifying bottlenecks in your onsite workflow, sales tips for siding contractors, how to cut construction costs & increase profits, and many more!

  • Construction Tips

    917kb PDF, 62 pages

    Build better and smarter with this collection. Includes detailed advice on replacing rotten sills & joists, differences between energy efficiency & efficacy, home energy audits, essential ways to increase productivity, window framing material options, air-sealing for effective building envelopes, and many more.

  • Controlling Moisture

    115kb PDF, 5 pages

    Don’t get soggy or sad….get smart! Learn about controlling against moisture damage for wall sheathing, all about sweaty vents, and controlling the condensation in your home.

  • Correct Panel Spacing

    116kb PDF, 6 pages

    One of the most critical things to remember about panel installation is also the simplest to learn. Proper panel spacing can save your both time and money. Learn exactly what you need to keep in mind as well as why panel spacing is so important.

  • Flooring Tips

    368kb PDF, 25 pages

    The most comprehensive collection of the best flooring tips from our blog. Learn about reducing the carbon footprint of your flooring, how materials play critical roles in dance-floor design, dealing with uneven floors, installation for tongue & groove structural panels, creating the perfect crawlspace, installing hardwood flooring over OSB panels, expansion joints in the flooring, and a many more!

  • Hurricane Prepareadness

    190kb PDF, 13 pages

    Don’t get blown away! It pays to be prepared for one of the worst natural disasters your home could face. Read about building in tropical storm zones, retrofitting hurricane straps, building for high wind events, reducing the risks to your home, full season preparation guide, and a cost-effective solution to combined shear and uplift winds.

  • Jobsite Safety

    132kb PDF, 7 pages

    Being the best builder around won’t mean much if you get hurt on the job. Learning all about job site safety is key to allowing you to keep doing what you love. This guide includes construction site safety tips as well as staying warm on job sites in those bad winter seasons.

  • Roofing Tips

    597kb PDF, 32 pages

    Reach new heights in your building knowledge with these popular roofing tips from our blog. Learn about minimizing buckling for asphalt shingles, best ways to save money on framing, pros & cons of unventilated attics, installing a subfloor on a roof, replacing cedar roof shakes with asphalt shingles, wet spray cellulose insulation guidelines, orientation of OSB roof boards when installing, and much much more.

  • Wall-Sheathing Tips

    258kb PDF, 16 pages

    Building energy efficient walls is one of the most popular building topics discussed today. With this handy guide you can learn about all building stronger walls in one easy step, reducing air leakage, minimizing moisture content of your wall sheathing, installing your house wrap correctly. Not to mention energy efficient wall HVAC systems, windows, insulate, and sealing.